JESSIE - 20-147

Female Cat aged 3 years.

JESSIE is our longest-term resident at the shelter. She has been in our care for two years and she is approximately 3 years old. When she first came to the shelter, Jessie was aggressive with both people and especially other cats. She was constantly starting fights and volunteers had a hard time even petting her without getting scratched. Jessie had been making steady progress, but over the last few months she has made HUGE strides in becoming a more social and friendly cat. She loves to lie in the window by the front door waiting for head rubs. She doesn't even really mind the other cats anymore! Jessie will still give the occasional nip when she's had enough stimulation, so a home without young kids would be best. She is spayed and up-to-date on her vaccinations. Jessie has spent the majority of her life in the shelter but we know the right home is out there for her.

HAVOK - 21-029

Male Cat aged 6 years.

HAVOK is male tabby who has been at the shelter for a year and a half. He is approximately 6 and a half years old. It took Havok some time to come out of his shell, but he can now usually be found up on the front desk greeting visitors. He hopes that one day soon one of them might bring him home! Havok is very affectionate, however, sometimes he will give a little nip when he wants attention. Because of this he cannot go to a home with young children. A home where he is the only male cat would be best, however, would probably be fine with a female cat or dog.

TRIXIE - 21-077

Female Cat aged 3 years.

TRIXIE was recently rescued from a life outdoors. She's approximately 2 years old. She is a big girl who's super sweet and affectionate. She likes to hang out by herself in her cage away from all the ruckus of the other cats.

SABLE - 22-007

Female Cat aged 3 years.

SABLE recently came to the shelter from the city pound. She is approximately 3 and a half years old. It didn't take Sable any time to get comfortable in her new surroundings. She's very sweet and affectionate, and loves to get up in your lap for a cuddle. She likes to have her own space, however, she may be fine living in a home with other animals.

TONI - 22-022

Female Cat aged 1 year.

This little loaf is TONI. She came to the shelter after being found pregnant and living outdoors. Her kittens have been adopted and she is waiting to find her furever home. Toni is approximately 20 months old, spayed, and fully vaccinated. She's not fond of the other animals in the shelter and prefers to spend time on her own. She is very vocal and will let everyone know when she wants to go back in her cage for a snack. She can also be pretty playful when the other cats aren't around her. Toni will need a home without other animals or small kids.

SQUEAKY - 22-051

Male Cat aged 7 years.

SQUEAKY was surrendered to the shelter back in April; he is one of our long term residents. He is between 7 and 8 years old. Squeaky had a difficult transition to shelter life and still doesn't like being around the other animals. He's very friendly and affectionate in one-on-one situations. Squeaky loves to laze around and sleep, and he's gotten used to having free roam of the shelter 24/7. Squeaky is neutered, fully vaccinated, and ready to be adopted. He would love to find a retirement home without any other animals, and we know the right home is out there for him!

ELLIE - 22-053

Female Cat aged 2 years.

ELLIE has been in our care for awhile now after being surrendered. She is approximately 2 and a half years old. She was actually pregnant when she was admitted and went to a foster home in order to have her kittens in peace. Her kittens have since been adopted and now Ellie is ready for a home too! She is very sweet and affectionate. Ellie also has the cutest little bobtail. She's not too fussy about the other cats, but a home with a dog may be possible. Ellie is spayed and fully vaccinated. She would make a great pet for some lucky family!

SAINT - 22-072

Male Cat aged 1 year.

SAINT came to the shelter a little while ago after going unclaimed at the pound. He is approximately 15 months old. It's clear that someone played rough with Saint early in his life. As a result, his favourite playthings are people's hands. He's gotten used to being petted but will still nip and scratch if he's had too much stimulation. He's very playful and loves chasing and wrestling with kittens (although he plays too rough for their liking!) Saint may be fine living with a dog but would do best in a home without other cats. He also cannot go to a home with kids. Saint is neutered and fully vaccinated. He would love to find a furever home with an experienced owner that could provide him with lots of physical activity and love.

BARNEY - 22-082

Male Cat aged 1 year.

BARNEY recently came to the shelter after going unclaimed at the pound. He is approximately 16 months old. Barney is very affectionate and playful. He likes to play with the other young cats, however, he is constantly trying to pick fights with the other males. Because of this, a home without another male cat is necessary. He doesn't seem to mind dogs and would make a great family pet.

JASMINE - 22-091

Female Cat aged 5 years.

JASMINE recently came to the shelter after going unclaimed at the pound. She is approximately 5 years old. Unfortunately after coming into our care, it was discovered that Jasmine had severe dental disease and would require surgery. She ended up having 14 teeth removed. She is now feeling much better and is ready to be adopted. Jasmine takes a little while to warm up to people but she is very sweet and affectionate. Jasmine appears to get along with the other animals in the shelter but she likes to spend time by herself. She comes running when she knows there's wet food or Temptations being given out.

MILLIE / SADIE - 22-095

Female Cat aged 7 months.

MILLIE (left) and SADIE (right) have been at the shelter for a little while. They were brought in after being found living outdoors with their two brothers. They are approximately 6 months old. These bonded sisters are a little timid, but once they're up with you, they love to cuddle! They're very playful with each other and the other cats and are never far apart. Both have been spayed and are fully vaccinated. Millie and Sadie watched their brothers be adopted and now they're ready for their furever home together!

JAX - 22-052

Male Dog aged 1 year.

JAX is a 15-month-old mixed breed who is looking for his furever home. He is approximately 40 lbs. Jax is a very sweet and loyal dog who will follow you everywhere once he gets to know you. He gets along well with most other dogs. Jax came to the shelter with severe separation anxiety, but he has shown improvement while living with his foster mom. He will require an experienced dog owner who can continue to help him with his separation anxiety. Jax is neutered, fully vaccinated, and eager to find his new home.

OREO - 22-120

Female Cat aged 11 years.

OREO was recently surrendered to the shelter. We've been told she's approximately 11 years old, but she seems much younger! She is VERY vocal, and you can hear her raspy meows all over the shelter. She is very affectionate and loves head rubs. So far she hasn't been very fond of the other animals in the shelter, and she can usually be found curled up in a quiet spot. Oreo is spayed and has received her first vaccination. We know there's a home out there willing to welcome this senior girl into their life!

SALEM - 22-132

Male Cat aged 1 year.

SALEM was recently brought to the shelter after living outdoors for several months. He is approximately a year old. Salem is very loving and loves head scratches. He's very playful and likes wrestling and chasing the other young cats. Salem is neutered and has received his first vaccination.

PEBBLES / BAM BAM - 22-142

Female Cat aged 1 year.

BAMBAM (left) and PEBBLES (right) recently came to the shelter after going unclaimed at the pound. They are both approximately 2 years old. BamBam is very affectionate but is a little more reserved than Pebbles. Pebbles is a tiny little cat that loves attention. So far they have gotten along fine with both dogs and the other cats in the shelter. Both are fixed and have received their first vaccinations. We would love to find a home that would take this pair of BFFs!

SUNNY - 22-170

Male Cat aged 1 year.

This handsome fella is SUNNY. He was recently brought to the shelter after being found living outdoors. He is approximately 18 months old. He's very affectionate and loves attention. Sunny has also gotten along with the other cats, however, he prefers to spend time by himself. Sunny has been neutered, received his first vaccination, and is ready for his furever home.

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