Toscana - 21-04-103

Female Cat aged 16 weeks.

Toscana is a short-haired brown tabby female born approximately March 20, 2021. Note: Toscana is a special needs kitten. Toscana is one of four kittens in her litter, and one of two tabbies. She is very playful and enjoys wand toys and balls. She gets along well with her sister and adult cat housed with her. She is quick to purr first thing in the morning while she wakes up. She is a typical kitten and loves to play and rough-house with her sister Tessina. She is very curious and loves to explore. She is not spayed, but has started on immunizations, dewormed and microchipped. Toscana is a special needs kitten and suffers from a right knee dislocation. However, she doesn't let that stop her from playing and other activity. She has a functional lameness, but her vet has advised an Xray at 6 months of age to re-evaluate for possible surgical correction. Toscana is fostering in Anchorage. To learn more, fill out our preadoption application and contact ACAT at 907-982-2228 for more information.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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