Palermo - 21-04-126

Male Cat aged 12 weeks.

Palermo is an unaltered, male tabby with medium-long hair. His siblings are DaVinci, Casimir and Michelangela and their estimated DOB is March 14, 2021. Palermo is, like his siblings, a sweet trouble maker. Being a kitten full of energy and curiosity, he absolutely must explore everything and stick his little nose in all corners. Palmero loves playing with the wand and climbing cat towers but doing zoomies with the other kittens is one of his favorite activities. He also enjoys hiding behind furniture and jumping at any kitten that zooms by him. Naps are equally important and this leisure can be done anywhere in the home: his tower, a shopping bag, your favorite chair or your lap. Palermo feels comfy anywhere. Palermo gets along great with all adult cats and kittens and the big, friendly Golden Retriever in the foster home. For more information on Palermo, who is fostering in Anchorage, please fill out ACAT's pre-adoption application and contact ACAT at 982-2228 for foster home information.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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