Delica - 21-04-076

Female Cat aged Baby.

Delica, born about 3/18/2021, is a very friendly, active and adventurous kitten. She is a gorgeous, sleek, all black girl with soft short fur. She is full of energy when it’s play time but loves to snuggle up for naps. She likes to curl up against our legs to sleep, either when sitting on the couch or at night. If one of her siblings is available she will gladly curl up with them, so she would love another cat in her forever home. When she’s feeling particularly affectionate she will seek out people and make her wish for attention known with with a few meows. Pets are quickly followed by a lovely purr. She has done well with older children but has never been exposed to dogs so they are an unknown. Delica is also learning to wear a harness. For more information on this lovely kitten please complete the pre-adoption application, then call (not text) Terri in Anchorage at (907) 245-1698.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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