Goldie - 21-04-09

Female Cat aged 1 year 4 months.

Goldie, more formally known as Queen Goldilocks, was born around Christmas 2019. This long-haired golden spayed female tabby has a sweet and loving personality. Goldie is presented her as a Lending A Helping Paw kitty, meaning ACAT is assisting her owner's efforts to rehome home. Goldie is having conflicts with the other kitties in her home, and she would prefer a home without small or disrespectful children. She does not enjoy roughhousing. She loves to sing at the birds in the trees and her favorite hobby is to chase flies and bees in the window and then eat them. I think she would make a great mouse hunter. She loves feathers, toy mice, and cuddling. She needs to have her nails kept trimmed if she’s kept indoors because she tends to become affectionate with her nails. She is a great companion. As a Lend A Paw kitty, Goldie's adoption arrangements will be made directly with her owner. To learn more about Goldie, fill out ACAT's preadoption application and contact ACAT at 982-2228.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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