Fonsi - 21-04-112

Male Cat aged Teen.

Fonsi is a neutered young male cat that has been in foster care since this spring. He has silky soft med-short hair and beautiful blue eyes. His estimated date of birth is March 14, 2021. Fonsi was rescued together with several other cats and kittens in April/May. This poor little guy had a very rough start. He was severely malnourished and plagued with parasites and required increased medical attention. He was the smallest kitten in the bunch and often too weak to play with his littermates. It took several weeks for him to gain weight and strength but he never gave up and was always a happy youngster. Fonsi is very friendly, curious and he will join you in the kitchen when it's feeding time. During the day he takes his cat naps on the cat tower, the dog bed, or any other cozy-looking spot. Occasionally, he will sleep with you at night but he is not a big snuggler yet. From the moment he arrived in the foster home, he was drawn toward Lucy, the friendly dog in the home, looking for love and care and to this day, she seems to be his favorite snuggle-buddy. Fonsi helped raise "the Outlaws," his younger half-siblings, and the Golden Retriever puppies that were born in the foster home. He is a wonderful, gentle caregiver and gets along with all other animals in the foster home. Fonsi would do well in a home with animals for companionship but he hasn't been around small children yet. Fonsi has been wormed and has received his kitten shots as well as his rabies vaccine. For more information on Fonsi, please reach out to his foster mom Silvia @ (907) 717-9300 and serious adopters are encouraged to fill out the pre-adoption application.

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