Greylegs - 21-04-041

Male Cat aged 14 weeks.

GreyLegs is a rough and tumble little guy who plays non-stop with his littermates. Dark gray with long white guard hairs on his legs, he was born about 4/15/21, and is brother to Chimera and WhiteToes. A good wrestler, GreyLegs also enjoys pouncing on toes and crawling in shoes. He loves chasing ribbons with kids. He is the largest of the litter and was nurtured by his loving mom for 11 weeks. GreyLegs also likes his kibbles. Litter box trained, he has grown up on the Purina Pro Kitten Plan wet and dry food. GreyLegs has had his first shots, been dewormed, and is accustomed to having his claws trimmed. To learn more, fill out ACAT's preadoption application online and contact her foster caregiver, Pennelope, in Anchorage at 907-227-7837.

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