Aurora - 21-03-053

Female Cat aged 12 weeks.

Aurora is a gorgeous gray/brown striped & spotted tabby, just like her sister Elara, also listed. She was born 03/20/2021. Not as boisterous as her brother Orion, she is quiet and demure, but loves to explore. She is often found curled up with her sister, or playing around with her siblings. She is daughter of Mara, also listed. She too purrs when held, and likes to quietly watch you and then pounce and play. It would be wonderful if both she and her twin sister, Elara, could go to the same home as they are very close. She has been started on her vaccinations and has been living with other adult cats, children and adults, but no exposure to dogs. Aurora is fostering in Palmer. To learn more, fill out our preadoption application on the gallery page and contact foster caregiver Mary at 907-229-9489 by call or text.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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