Humility Cooper - 21-08-101

Female Cat aged Baby.

Humility is beautiful! So beautiful that she tends can get out of trouble by batting her PURR-ty little eyes at you. We believe she was born on or about July 30, 2021; unfortunately, this young lady will not divulge her age. Her gray and white coat is silky smooth; her white face, chest, & legs add to her beauty. Humility is often shy around new people but warms up quickly. Her favorite sport is running around the house with her mother, Giselle Mayflower. She also enjoys ribbon wand toys, rattle balls, & kickers, often playing with her sister, Rose Standish, and other kittens. She loves to nap with her sister or curl up on a blanket with her mother so she will do well in a multi-cat home (as long as she is the center of everyone’s attention.) Humility is up to date on vaccines. To learn more about me, please fill out the ACAT Pre-Adoption form online for Humility Cooper and text her fosterer, Nancy, in Anchorage at (907) 360-4623.

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