Catalina - 21-08-142

Female Cat aged 19 weeks.

Catalina is a short-haired ticked tabby and white polydactyl female kitten born about 7/17/21. She has a jaunty white stripe through her left eye and a pink right ear tip among other unique patterns that give her a distinctive beauty. Catalina and her four siblings were diverted as young kittens from a dead-end life as outdoor cats in an Anchorage trailer park, and have adapted well to the comforts of a home. Catalina is currently fostering with her sister Hurricane in Anchorage. While adapting well to indoor life Catalina is still shy and occasionally skittish. Once she gets to know you though, she will happily curl up nearby for pets. She has a lovely purr which she uses frequently when she is content. Catalina has been dewormed and has started on her kitten shots. She would do well in a household that has an older, friendly cat. Because of her extra toes she will need extra attention paid to keeping her claws trimmed. If you are interested in Catalina, please complete ACAT's pre-adoption application, then call (not text) her foster mom Terri at (907)245-1698 in Anchorage.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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