Logan - 21-08-012

Male Cat aged 15 weeks.

Logan is a long haired gray and white kitten. He was born in foster care on August 9th along with his two siblings Jon and Mac. He loves to eat his kitten food and take naps at the top of the cat tree. He will often play chase with his siblings and then curl up with them for a nap after they are done playing. He sometimes even curls up with his foster person for a nap. He is very sweet and energetic. He loves cat toys and will pick them up and carry them around the house. He once even stole his foster's sock and carried it around like a prize. Logan is started on his shots and deworming and is litter trained. He is not altered. To learn more, fill out ACAT's preadoption application and contact Brittanie in Anchorage at 907-301-3640.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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