Sariel - 21-10-030

Female Cat aged Young Adult.

Sariel is a black-and-brown tabby with markings similar to a Maine Coon. She was trapped in the Palmer-Wasilla area of the Valley after two kittens were found trapped in a net. A camera revealed a kitten and mother. She, a male, and the remaining kitten were trapped and given to ACAT to care for and rehome. She is at least a year old and is very friendly with humans. She cries for attention and loves to be cuddled and petted. She is started on her immunizations, is dewormed, and will be microchipped and spayed prior to homing. She is available for reservation for adoption after her spay on November 22. She readily plays with humans, but does not get along well with the other cats in the foster home. She may do well in a home with small children as she has shown no aggression to people; however, she will likely do better in a family with limited pets. She is litter trained as well. To learn more, fill out our pre-adoption application on the gallery page and contact foster caregiver Carol in Wasilla at 907-355-3587.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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