Simone - 21-10-050

Female Cat aged Adult.

Simone is a calico female with a black frame around her face. Her unique coloration makes her a striking cat; however, she often looks angry. She is not. Originally thought to be feral, Simone has shown that she appreciates being petted and groomed. In fact, while being groomed, she will give kisses (licks) to her foster mom. Simone is a laid-back lady who enjoys lounging on a fluffy cat bed (and would probably enjoy a couch if allowed on it). Give her a few weeks to get used to a new home, and this momma cat will feel just as at home with her perfect human. She has a routine with her foster father where she waits for him to give her loving. She is in a foster home with one of her older kittens and can often be found lounging in the vicinity of that kitten (Vanilla Ice). Simone and her daughter would make quite a pair for the right family. Simone is the lounging cat who loves loving and Vanilla is the party cat who loves treats and play (especially laser lights and feather toys). She gets along with the other cats in her foster home. She has not been tested with young children or dogs. She has shown no aggression to any of the animals or humans in her foster home. She was quite good when receiving her immunizations, not fussing at all. She is litter trained, started on her immunizations (including rabies), is dewormed, is spayed, and will be microchipped. To learn more, fill out our pre-adoption application on the gallery page and contact foster caregiver Carol in Wasilla at 907-355-3587.

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