Little Dot - 21-11-0300

Male Cat aged 23 weeks.

Little Dot is almost entirely white with just a little black dot on his forehead. This super polydactyl neutered male, born in mid June, is packing lots of toes. A couple even point straight back when he walks. He's short-haired. He’s a fairly calm kitten. He cuddles a lot, has a soft meow. And he’s always up for some play. And he definitely likes his catnip! He’s been around little kids and big dogs and with his two sisters. He is friendly to everyone and is very confident. Little Dot is altered, microchipped and leukemia-tested negative. He started on dewormings and kitten vaccines including rabies. To learn more about Stripe, contact Matt in Wasilla at 301-8897 after filling out ACAT's preadoption application.

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