Bumble - 21-11-161

Male Cat aged Adult.

Bumble is a very sweet medium-haired sealpoint Siamese-looking neutered male born in early 2019. Bumble is a special-needs kitty. He has a condition since birth called, Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which short-circuits his brain and makes him wobbly. Bumble has moderate CH and has some problems walking. He stumbles and falls regularly. The condition is both stable and incurable. He can get around as well as any cat, and uses the litter box well, but due to his CH should be in a home without stairs or balconies. Bumble is a big boy with long legs he likes being picked up and loves being petted. If you sit on the floor, he will fling himself into your lap and purr. Due to his CH he will lean against you to assist him in walking, but he is able to get around well. Despite his CH, Bumble is fearless and will get into anything he can. Bumble loves to chase a feather wand, throwing himself after the wand. Bumble has been neutered and has his vaccinations for the year, and is microchipped. Bumble is the brother of Teddy, another CH cat, and fosters with him in Anchorage. To learn more about Bumble, fill out ACAT's preadoption application and contact foster caregiver Michelle at 907-351-6342.

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