Mallow aka Milo - 21-12-1

Male Cat aged Adult.

Mallow is a neutered, handsome, short-haired, blue-eyed flamepoint Siamese mix blond cat about 7 years old. He’s very sweet and loves cuddling at night when he wants to go to bed! When you’re up, he’s up! He loves walking next to you and meowing while he rubs against your legs. Mallow and his adoptive brother Felix are presented here as Lending a Helping Paw cats. Their owner is re-enlisting in the military and must leave the cats behind. He would like them to stay together. As Lend a Paw cats, adoption arrangements for the boys will be made by their owner, not ACAT. Both Mallow and Felix are altered and up to date on their vaccines. To learn more about the boys, fill out ACAT's preadoption application and contact ACAT at 982-2228 for contact information.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
PO Box 212555, (907) 982-2228