Paprika - 21-11-156

Male Cat aged 22 weeks.

Paprika is a male Siamese kitten mix sealpoint-marked kitten with blue eyes. He may look a little grumpy but he is very loving and playful. One of a litter of 7 kittens born 12-15-21. He loves having company and would do best in a home with another cat or kitten. Paprika is looking for a special home as he is special needs. He tends to have episodes of shaking and is very clumsy. The vet after thinks he has Cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). Cerebellar hypoplasia is a neurological condition in which the cerebellum is smaller or underdeveloped. CH is not contagious nor progressive. It hasn't slowed him down and he is mostly clumsy when running and playing or jumping off of things. He loves both people and other cats - especially his mom, Rosemary, who is also looking for a forever home. They could be homed together in a special arrangement. He is a favorite in his foster home and is ready to find his forever home and family. He has his first-year kitten vaccines, and just needs his rabies shot at neutered. He will be neutered prior to homing. He has been dewormed and is FIV/L negative. If you're interested in meeting Paprika, contact his foster home in Wasilla via text or call : Sally at 503-807-2936. Serious inquirers should fill out the preadoption application on the ACAT website.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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