Espresso - 22-02-021

Female Cat aged Adult.

Espresso is estimated to be 6 years old, and came to ACAT after she was found abandoned in an apartment for three months with only a bag of food and water from a toilet and a washer drip. She somehow fought through, and now she's ready to find her forever home! Espresso is a chatty and quirky cat, that will always keep life exciting. She loves to nap, but when she's up and about you can find her patrolling and exploring the house, kicking around cat toys for herself to chase, bopping your feet from around the corner while you're not looking, and hanging out on high perches watching birds outside. She's big on snuggles, and is always ready to cuddle up on your chest (or pillow next to you when you inevitably have to roll over) at bedtime. She also loves wrap herself around your shoulders like a cat feather boa, or give you a gentle headbutt, when she's needing a little extra attention during the day. Because of her past, she can be a bit shy around unfamiliar people and in new situations. Once she settles in, she's the best friend and companion you'll ever have! She would do best in a home without small children or dogs. She's currently living with one other female cat, but really would prefer to be your only kitty companion. Espresso will take a bit of extra effort to bring out of her shy shell at first, but can't wait to finally meet her forever person. Espresso is fostering in Anchorage. Fill out ACAT's pre-adoption form to learn more about Espresso, and contact Kelsey at 503-568-9288.

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