Zeus - 22-02-061

Male Cat aged Young Adult.

Zeus is an exceptional and very loving short- to medium-haired black cat. He is thought to have been born approximately October 6, 2020. He came to ACAT when his owner was in serious condition in the hospital. He takes a little while to warm-up to a new situation, but quickly becomes enamored of his humans. He currently follows his foster parents around the house begging for attention. He very much enjoys feather toys, jumping over three feet to catch the toys on a string. He tends to shy away from new people. On the other hand, he quickly introduces himself to other cats. Zeus does have a hypersensitivity issue - a neurological condition. If he is overstimulated, he can strike out. Therefore, it is important that anyone interested in him be willing to stop giving him attention for a minute or two when he becomes hypersensitized. He needs an owner with patience and understanding, and he will come for pets when he feels comfortable. He has struck out only twice in his current foster home - then the issue was identified. Since then, he has not struck out at all. The two times he did react were quick and he rapidly was looking for love again. Understanding will keep him from lashing out. Again, he is very loving and searches for attention often once he has had an opportunity to learn about his environment. He will most likely do well in a home an adult or two, older children, and maybe a few other cats (a home without too much chaos). He is started on his immunizations (rabies), is dewormed, and is neutered. He is litter trained as well. To learn more, fill out our pre-adoption application on the gallery page and contact foster caregiver Carol in Wasilla at 907-355-3587.

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