Ursa - 22-04-030

Female Cat aged Young Adult.

Ursa is a spayed, young adult female, likely born in spring of 2021. She was on her own in Anchorage with three kittens born in mid-March, 2022. The people who captured her couldn't keep her and surrendered her to ACAT when the kittens were about 4 weeks old. Ursa is a sharp-looking, smooth-fur, mostly black tuxedo cat with white feet, chin, and chest. Her kittens are all three tuxedos, as well. Ursa is smart and has made great social progress from being a timid, abandoned cat just a few months ago. She trills and purrs and loves to be petted and scratched, although she's still not real excited about being picked up. She's started to play in our kitty playground just like her kittens do, so we think she's pretty young. She has been an attentive mom to her kittens, washing and nursing them past their 12th week. After initially being protective of her kittens when our house cat has approached, she's switched to being friendly and rubbing up against him. Ursa was spayed on June 20. Ursa has been accepting of the onesie she wears to keep her from pulling out her stitches. She has had her kitty shots for the year, including rabies, and has been leukemia tested, and chipped. She has also been de-wormed several times. To learn more about Ursa and her kittens Panda, Honey Bear, and Grizzly, fill out ACAT's preadoption application online. Ursa is fostering in Anchorage. Contact Ursa's foster family Steve & Heidi at 907-444-9595. If it's before noon on a weekday, send a text versus calling, but if it's after noon or on the weekend or holiday, go ahead and call. If no answer, then send a text. We will interview you to make sure you're prepared to accept one (or two!) of our fur-kids into your family, then we will have a zoom meeting so you can meet them. If this all goes well, we will then schedule an in-person meeting. To see this litter's photo album, go here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/424DGq7EdXyWT2LG7

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