Charlotte - 22-04-010

Female Cat aged Adult.

Charlotte is an A+++ cat! She came to ACAT from a loving home that was unable to care for her once she became pregnant. Charlotte has been an incredibly caring mother and has sent her six wonderful kittens off to forever homes. She loves catnip, strings and a laser light! Very playful and smart. Charlotte is definitely a "people" cat. She might even think she is "a people." Curious about whatever her humans are doing, always politely underfoot. She has the most gorgeous big green eyes, beautiful tufted ears, bushy tail and striking mackerel tabby markings. Her birthdate is unknown, but she is estimated to have been born circa 2019. Charlotte gets along well with the other cats and kittens in her foster home. She has not been exposed to dogs, but based on her personality would have no problem holding her own. Charolette is fantastic with young children! Her 4 year old foster family member enjoys tucking her, up-side-down into a baby buggy, brushing her then pushing her around the house. Charolette is amazingly 100% okay with this treatment and seems to enjoy the attention! She has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and is negative for leukemia. To learn more about Charlotte, fill out the 'Pre Adoption Application on the gallery page and contact foster caregiver, Arianne in Anchorage at 719-661-8650.

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