Angora - 22-04-014

Female Cat aged 17 weeks.

Angora has fur that is so incredibly soft and silky that she could be mistaken for a bunny rabbit! And luckily for us humans, she loves to be petted and snuggled. When she is not being cuddled, Angora is a supremely playful cat. She is hilarious with a laser light and will dart around the house batting at her favorite toy--the crinkle ball! Angora is intelligent and has very good house manners. She is very curious about whatever her humans are doing, always underfoot. Even on the out! Angora has proven to be quite the adventure kitty. She loves tagging along in the car for trips to the playground or mountain biking trails! Angora was raised by a friendly mother who took exceptional care of her kittens. Mother and kittens were surrendered to ACAT shortly after the kittens were born and became too much work for the family. Angora has been dewormed and has completed all three rounds of her kitten vaccines. To learn more about Angora, fill out the 'Pre Adoption Application' found on the gallery page or in the 'Forms' link on the ACAT website and contact foster caregiver, Arianne in Anchorage at 719-661-8650.

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