Baloo - 22-05-0410

Female Cat aged Teen.

Baloo (Boo) is the sweetest little girl. She is a white and black, polydactyl, short haired, altered female teen kitten, born 3/17/22. Her fur is so soft and she has the cutest little masked face and the biggest paws! She came to her foster home from outside at 7 weeks, very scared and untrusting of people, probably taught so from her mother. All she wanted to do was hide. Then she met the friendly cats in her foster home and she watched how they trusted these big creatures. She slowly followed their lead, and started to allow pets and love. Baloo is still startled by fast movements and loud noises. But she loves her foster dad and mom and she gives the biggest purrs when she is pet. She even jumps up on the couch and asks for love now... something that took awhile for her to realize she could do. She loves to play! She is so inquisitive with new toys and is always the first one to jump up and join in for food or for fun. Baloo needs a quiet home with just the right person/people that will give her the time she needs to adjust and understand she is safe and loved. Children would not be a good idea. She must have a friendly kitty friend or two in her new home, that she can bond with. Having a cat friend that she can snuggle with and remind her how wonderful living with humans can be. They will give her the strength to come out of her shell and show her new family just how special she really is. Baloo has been dewormed, is microchipped, negative on leukemia test, and has received all her first year shots. To learn more about Baloo, fill out ACAT's pre-adoption application online. She is fostering in Anchorage. After filling out the application, feel free to contact Jennifer at 818-929-6855.

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