Baloo - 22-05-0410

Female Cat aged Teen.

Baloo (Boo) is a white and black, polydactyl, short haired, altered female teen kitten, born 3/17/22. Her fur is so soft and she has the cutest little masked face and the biggest paws! She and her brother, Toby, were brought in together from the outside when they were about 7 weeks old. Terrified and scared at first, over the last few months, she has blossomed into a sweet girl that loves to be loved, as long as it is on her terms. Loud noises and sudden movements still startle her, and she is not always comfortable when approached from above. Ever day, she takes another step in trust, though. She is so brave. She is long and sleek, like a cheetah, and watching her play with her mouse toys and strings is so much fun! She adores the older cats in her foster home, and has become the big sister to the younger foster kittens in the house. She is wonderful with all of them, never starting a fight or upset at the younger ones antics. She loves the attention from other kitties, and will play and cuddle as needed. She takes her lead from them, and she blossoms in their company. That's when the big purrs come out and she feels most safe. Alone she finds herself a little frightened and more tentative. She would be a perfect companion for another cat or kitten, but also an adoption with one of her foster siblings would help her adjust and give her the security she so needs. She really is an amazing little lady, she just needs someone who will have patience to gain her trust and show her she is loved and safe. Young children would not be a good fit, but older children who will respect her space would be fine. Baloo has been dewormed, is microchipped, negative on leukemia test, and has received all her first year shots. To learn more about Baloo, fill out ACAT's pre-adoption application online. She is fostering in Anchorage. After filling out the application, feel free to contact Jennifer at 818-929-6855.

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