Tilly - 22-06-061

Female Cat aged Adult.

Tilly is a domestic medium hair tabby polydactyl spayed female, estimated to be born in the spring of 2018. She has beautiful green eyes. Tilly is an affectionate love bug but cautious because of bad apparent past experiences. She will bite if she feels uncomfortable being petted, but is gentle and won’t bite hard -- just a little warning. She gives love bites as well. So, Tilly is all about communication and the only way she knows how is by using her teeth and sometimes her paws😊. Once a bond is made with Tilly, she will definitely be your BFF! She is not fond of other cats and probably should be the only cat in the house; I do not know how she would be with dogs. To be on the safe side, no small children because of how she ‘communicates’. Tilly is looking for a strictly indoor home and would appreciate someone who understands cat behavior because she is a quirky, but lovable little thing. Well, maybe not so little; she is 11-12 lbs. Some of Tilly’s quirks are playing with her water bowl until most of the water is on the floor. She now drinks out of a mechanical water fountain. She is very vocal, will talk on and on and she will get sick if she eats canned fish cat food. Tilly is spayed, feline leukemia negative and is up to date with her vaccines until 04/15/2023. She can be microchipped prior to homing. If you are interested in Tilly please call ACAT at (907) 982-2228 after filling out our preadoption application.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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