Silvie - 22-06-100

Female Cat aged 1 year.

Silvie is a part Siamese cat born approximately 08/31/2021. She looks Siamese when seen from the front, including the traditional cross-eyed look of the Siamese, but wears white boots on her feet. She had five beautiful kittens at the end of July 22 and did a wonderful job of raising the brood. Silvie came to ACAT from a home with too many cats. She is loving and constantly looking for attention. She also enjoys laser lights and feather toys and playing with her youngsters. She also enjoys her food and treats! Her children have now all found homes and Silvie is looking for her fur-ever home. Silvie does have gingivitis - a disease of her gums. She currently receives a gel to her gums daily and may in the future need to have tooth extractions. She does well with eating right now, though!. She also does not do well with fish as her main diet, although she does very well with chicken and beef. She did well with dogs in a previous foster home, but has not been exposed to small children except those who came to check out her kittens. She gets along with most of the cats in her foster home, although may fuss over getting her fair share of treats. She is very easy going and should readily adapt to a new home. She is anxious to get attention from visitors to her foster home. Silvie is vaccinated and dewormed. She is also litter box trained and spayed. Silvie is classified as a fancy kitten due to her gorgeous blue eyes. To learn more, fill out our pre-adoption application on the gallery page and contact foster caregiver Carol in Wasilla at 907-355-3587.

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