Gloves - 22-07-141

Male Cat aged Adult.

Gloves is a very sweet natured, longer-haired black and white neutered male, about 5 years old. He is for sure a people cat. He loves pets and to spend time next to you or even just in the same room. He still remains skittish and will need a home that is understanding of that. Gloves gets along well with other friendly cats! He is not a fan of loud or energetic dogs but would get along well with a calm canine companion. He also loves food and is a big boy! A healthy weight but large in size (about 15 pounds). Unsure about how he is for children but I am sure he would be great as long as the children are respectful. He was rescued from a vacant apartment where he was abandoned in. He deserves your love! Open your heart and home to this cuddle bug!

Gloves has a cute dab of white by his nose, and a natty chest patch and white paws.

For more information call Mary in Wasilla at 618-975-2571 after filling out ACAT's preadoption application.

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