BB8 - 22-08-135

Female Cat aged 16 weeks.

BB8 is a shy but lovable kitten with blue eyes and the cutest little milk mustache, born around 6/13/2022.She has short hair and snowshoe and sealpoint Siamese markings. She has the softest coat that you can stop petting. She is a timid cat but has a lot of curiosity. She will need a longer transition period to get to know you. The quickest way to warm up to this young lady is through her stomach. Once she warms up she demands attention and will not stop meowing to have her face massaged and back scratched. She loves having morning cuddles. She loves watching Cat TV and playing with fuzzy mice. BB8 was found with mom Princess Leia and the litter of 7. Her siblings are R2D2, DO, C3PO, Jainan, Kiem and Kipo. Found outside, the kittens need more time to transition than some. BB8 started on her immunizations, is dewormed, and litter trained. She is not spayed. If you are the right cat person to take on this cuddly kitty, fill out our pre-adoption application on the gallery page. To learn more please reach out to the foster parent Serina who is located in Wasilla at 907-671-6587.

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