Jainan - 22-08-132

Female Cat aged Baby.

Jainan is a shy, blue-eyed, sealpoint-marked, Siamese mix female. She is very tentative with big changes. She was born around 6/13/2022. When she moved to her current foster home she spent several hours hiding in the carrier before she and her siblings felt brave enough to come out. Since then both of her siblings that came with her have been adopted. Without them she has begun to really come out of her shell! Jainan is still a bit jumpy and will sometimes hiss if she feels crowded or afraid. For that reason she not a kitty who would do well with very young children. Calm energy is important to her feeling safe. Jainan also tends to use her mouth when she gets excited. She will sometimes get overly excited during play, or when being loved, and put her mouth on fingers. We are working to gently but firmly break this habit. She is doing much better, but will need to be given time to adapt to new surroundings. Once she gets comfortable in her environment a sweet, affectionate, playful kitty comes out. My goodness she has a great purr! Jainan was found with mom Princess Leia and her six siblings. Her siblings are R2D2, DO, C3PO, BB8, Kipo, and Kiem. Found outside, all the kittens need more time to transition than their hand raised counterparts. Jainan has started on her immunizations, and is dewormed. She is not spayed. If you are the right cat person to take on this sweet but shy beauty please fill out our pre-adoption application on the gallery page. To learn more please call (not text) the foster carer, Terri, who is located in Anchorage at (907)245-1698.

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