Ferrari - 22-08-181

Male Cat aged Teen.

Ferrari is a beautiful black and white male tuxedo, born about 8-14-22. Ferrari was found with his littermates, called the Carlot Kits, and mother Carlotta under a used car on Old Seward Highway in Anchorage on a rainy cold fall morning. Ferrari is an adventurous guy. His favorite things are helping make the bed, chasing his plastic springs around the house and inspecting any cabinet or door that is opened. He loves naps in the sunshine and belly rubs and will talk to you when tired and needing some extra attention. He is dewormed, has had his vaccinations including rabies for the next year. To learn more about Ferrari, fill out the ACAT pre-adoption application and contact Carlie at 907-250-0818 or ACAT for information.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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