Yukon - 22-09-221

Female Cat aged 8 months.

Yukon is a beautiful short-haired dilute tortoiseshell kitten likely born around July 4, 2022. She was brought into ACAT with little human interaction and took some time to become comfortable with her foster family and their visitors. Yukon LOVES to play with feather and string toys. She has just recently joined her sister, Copper, in her foster home in Wasilla and is learning to play with the toys there. She already looks for treats, love, and affection from her foster parents. She is very loving with her sister and it would be great if the two of them could be adopted together.

She has completed her vaccinations and deworming, including rabies vaccine, and is microchipped and spayed.

She would love to be able to run around and play in a forever home. Unfortunately, Copper and her sister, Yukon, both tested positive for FeLV (feline leukemia virus). This means that they need to find a home that has only vaccinated cats or no other cats. FeLV is contagious to cats and kittens, but not to other animals. Some animals with FeLV live long, healthy lives. Others may die earlier from complications of the virus.

If you are the special person willing to work with these beautiful young ladies, please fill out the ACAT pre-adoption form and call their foster mom (Carol) in Wasilla at 907-355-3587.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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