Liv - 22-09-131

Female Cat aged Baby.

Liv (or Livvy) is a female, tabby and white miracle kitty who survived panleukopenia after being born about 8/18/22 . Despite her rough origin story, she's a sweet girl who is full of energy. This medium-haired girl loves to play and doesn't sit still very often, though she does enjoy curling up with her human at night. When she's sleepy, she loves to be petted, and will purr and purr her contentedness. When she's awake, she sometimes makes the most adorable little trilling sound to let you know she wants to play with you. Unfortunately because of her exposure to panleuk, she wasn't able to play with other kittens, so she often confuses petting hands with play hands and can lightly bite. This isn't aggressive behavior, and she doesn't bite hard enough to hurt — she's just trying to "play-fight" with her human friends like she would other kittens. For that reason, we think she will do best in a home with other cats (that are current on vaccinations) or other playful pets. She probably won't do well in a home with small children. If you do want to play-fight with her, she loves a good oven mitt monster! She also loves all kind of toys - she's not picky about how she plays, so long as she gets to play at all. Liv also loves going on adventures and does very well riding in the car. She can be shy at first when meeting new people in new places, but she is a well-behaved visitor and charms everyone she meets! Liv has her first two kitten vaccines and is dewormed. She is not spayed. To learn more about Liv, fill out ACAT's preadoption application and contact ACAT at (907) 982-2228.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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