Pink - 22-09-031

Female Cat aged 14 weeks.

Pink is a shorter haired black female with a large white patch on her lower abdomen. She is vocal, is a great climber and escape artist. She loves to get out of her area and run all over the house with her sibling, Purple. She is full of spunk and energy. Like her siblings, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple, and White, she loves to play and will chase after anything with her favorite being a toy with a bell. Pink is dewormed and completed her kitten vaccines; she is not spayed. If interested, please complete the pre-adopt application on the ACAT website and/or contact the foster caregiver[located in Anchorage] via text or phone at 907 351 5769.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
PO Box 212555, (907) 982-2228