Joyful Noise "Joy" - 22-10-161

Female Cat aged Teen.

Joyful Noise "Joy" is a medium-to-long-haired black and white tuxedo spayed female born about 6-29-22. Joy is primarily black with a white belly, paws and facial markings. If you pick her up she will purr loudly and cuddle with you, and once she is comfortable with you she will be all over you, licking your face and cuddly. Joy is still a bit skittish with noises and when humans walk or stand suddenly and will hide to feel safe. But once she knows she's okay, she will come out and eat, play and hang out with her human and feline friends. She is not used to dogs. Her long soft luxurious fur is hard to resist; and she loves to be petted. Joy is a little playful love bug that thrive in a quieter household with a feline friend to socialize and play and cuddle with. Joy has been spayed, microchipped, leukemia tested negative and dewormed, has her first year vaccines, including rabies. To learn more about Joy, contact ACAT at 907-982-2228 after filling out ACAT's preadoption application.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
PO Box 212555, (907) 982-2228