Lucinda - 23-01-3

Female Cat aged 2 years.

Lucinda is a medium-long-haired black spayed female was born 8-28-21. She has yellow/green eyes.

Lucinda and her biological cat parents, Muff and Kiki, are presented here as Lending A Helping Paw cats. ACAT is helping their owner rehome this trio, separately, in pairs or as a threesome. All great homes will be considered.

Lucinda isn't much of a lap cat, but likes to lie in bed or on couch at times. Lucinda is very athletic and loves to play with toys/climb, especially with her mom, Kiki.

Muff, Kiki and Lucinda are accustomed to calm, well-mannered dogs, and do OK with other cats with proper introduction.

Lucinda and her parents love to play together and groom each other. They are indoor cats but like to get fresh air a few feet from the door sometimes.

Kiki, Muffin and Lucinda live in Anchorage with their current owner. As a Lend A Paw kitties, their current owner will make all adoption arrangements. They are being rehomed because their owner wants them to have the best care, and can’t provide that to them anymore. To learn more, fill out ACAT's preadoption application and reach out to ACAT at 907-982-2228.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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