Libby - 23-02-071

Female Cat aged 1 year.

Libby is a spayed medium-haired black and white tuxedo female born mid September 2022. She is tough little cutie who pulled through an illness in her kittenhood to become an energetic and loveable young adult. She's sweet with an adorable meow that is very conversational and includes trills and chirps that are unique and remind me a little of birdsong. Sometimes she can be shy with new people, but she's easily won over with the promise of playtime! She's very easy to play with, and will play with just about any toy. She doesn't demand new toys like other cats often do, but will play with the same toys over and over quite happily. She's even learning to play fetch! (She's excellent at racing after the ball, but still a bit hit or miss with returning it to be thrown again.) She also loves toys on strings, and is quite the jumper!

She is affectionate and loves pets (her fur is very, very soft), and will sleep on your bed once she gets to know you. She doesn't yet like to be picked up or held, but she's warmed up a lot since we brought her in, and that will likely continue. She's very social, and would do well with a full house. It's best if she has someone to play with, so homes with kids and/or other playful pets are ideal (especially if some members of the family are gone for long periods of time during the day). She likes to either be near her favorite people, or watching out the window.

Libby is a lovely girl who will make a wonderful addition to almost any home situation.

Libby is current on her shots for the next year, has been microchipped, and spayed. If you are interested in learning more about Libby and/or would like to meet her, please fill out ACAT's preadoption application and contact ACAT at (907) 982-2228.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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