Catori - 23-07-5

Male Cat aged Senior.

Catori is a lovely 10-year-old neutered and declawed Ragdoll male. He is presented here as a Lending A Helping Paw cat, meaning his owners, not ACAT, will make the adoption arrangements.
Catori is mostly cream with sealpoints and a light lilac hue on his coat to go with sparkling blue eyes. He has no known medical issues. He likes paté on top of his dry food and fresh water dripping from a faucet. He mostly sleeps under the covers during the day, but comes out for movies, food and playtime. He nestles on his owner's chest or lap ever chance he gets, and likes regular grooming and toys.
He has never spent time outdoors, nor does he wish too. He has, however, traveled in a motorhome, boat, jet ski and snowmachine. This owners recently retired and will be traveling much more than being home, which upsets Catori, who also has some conflict with the family's herding dog.
Catori is located on the Lower Hillside in Anchorage.
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