Watson - 23-12-032

Male Cat aged 20 weeks.

Watson is an all black male born in early December 2023. He is in foster care with his siblings Sherlock, Jane, and Ariadne. Watson has completed three rounds of kitten vaccinations and has been microchipped and is neutered. He is quite playful and energetic and will go flying after a wand toy. He seems to run on endless energy and loves to purr when picked up or pet. He likes to climb the cat tree and run around after any toy. He is good with other cats with proper introductions and is residing in Anchorage foster care. If interested, please fill out the pre-adopt application on the ACAT website. Please call/text 907.351.5769 and leave a message with any questions about Watson.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
PO Box 212555, (907) 982-2228